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My name is Nauroz Ali. One thing that I realized in my life is that pain has more power than pleasure. 

When life throws you a curveball and brings pain, it can be just the motivation that’s needed to pursue something truly rewarding. 
That certainly proved true in my own experience; when I found myself at one of the lowest points imaginable, I gained an unshakeable drive to make lasting positive change in my life. 

Our plan was that we would have a normal pregnancy, and we would have our son. That was the plan… I want to share my story with you. It was the time when I HAD to run for hours to avoid pain so that I could sleep and forget an even worse pain than running. 
Do not assume I am an athlete, far from it.

No, I’m a physician, and my job hours, and studies rarely allow me to run.
I was very close to being morbidly obese, just under the requirement for gastric bypass (I asked one of my bariatric surgery buddies). 

I was being warned by my peers not to do high-impact exercise. But when my son went to the neonatal ICU (NICU) after sucking fluid into his lungs, that didn’t matter anymore.


Running became my way of freeing the anger, frustration and powerlessness that I felt as a husband and father.

Through it all, I learnt to channel those negative emotions into something productive – pushing myself past what I thought was possible.


My son was admitted to the hospital NICU right after birth. 
He was on high-flow oxygen, FAILED this, then intubated, (thats the breathing machine) given surfactant, and underwent a lumbar puncture, all in the first days of his life. 
This newly minted, precious life, had undergone more procedures than his father had ever done. 

The docs called it a “rough start”. (More like a Fu&$ing Rough Start!)
It was an immense shock for us. 

My other 2 daughters had been born without any difficulty. 

My son is now 4, living his best life, but indeed he is a brave child and we are proud of him.


Seeing my son on a ventilator in the NICU and watching his mother struggle through labor was gut-wrenching. 

I felt absolutely helpless, unable to protect or change our little one’s situation… 
I am not a religious man, but I prayed. That genuine, visceral prayer, that makes me choke up, even when I think about it today. 

Every time his heart rate would jump higher, or his oxygen levels would drop, so would my stomach fall into my feet and my heart jump. 

To prepare for the worst, I turned to the internet. But each time I delved deeper into meconium aspiration and its possible outcomes, it felt like death was encroaching on my life, NOT TO MENTION, his life… more and more. 

Tears streamed down my face as despair began to settle in – that is until a ray of hope emerged!

My wife had made her way out of hospital unscathed… but unfortunately there were still miles left until we’d reached our goal, which was:

Both parents at home with their son.
No, this wouldnt happen until later.


Trapped by the crippling effects of anxiety and worry, I ran until my body was exhausted. It felt like an eternity had passed before finally

– after a profoundly transformative week that would shape the future forevermore

– my son was released from hospital care.  

He had been in the NICU for 1 week. But I couldn’t get relief and I didn’t stop running. 

-My life took a turning point when a friend asked me,  “So how much are you running now out of spite?” 

 -I said “About 10 miles a day” 

-He replied “Imagine how much you could run if you were happier and if you just had the right reasons?” 

He then offered me to join him in the New York Marathon and I said YES. 


There I was, with a physical and emotional pain that felt like it would never go away.
But instead of giving in to the agony, I chose to channel my energy into something positive – running a marathon! 

It was only one week after having gone through an incredibly challenging time:
(getting a vasectomy as preventative measure against further trauma later on down the road, because I would never go through this again).

Despite this unprecedented difficulty, nothing could stop me from doing what had been burning inside all along

– conquering that race!

Unfortunately, I did not run the New York Marathon. 

I DID run the Las Vegas marathon. 

An arduous task lay ahead, 26 miles of grueling terrain – and yet it was a challenge to be tackled! 

I stood tall at the start line with one thought: Mind over Matter. 

With every step forward, my resolve only grew stronger; each mile conquered further empowered me.

Then came a period when doubt crept in, about 13 miles in when the shoe air bubble burst in my shoes

– but still I marched on until finally reaching that glorious finish line after 4 hours 1 minute 17 seconds! 

It is true what they say “It’s 90% mental & 10% physical.”

I would even go as far as saying 110% mental.  

For those determined enough to set their sights on success nothing can stand between them and achieving the impossible — Just Do It!


I found myself in a crushingly dark place, feeling despair and defeat.
But I decided not to be overcome by the circumstances of my life – instead, I faced them head on! 

As if propelled by sheer will alone, with no formal training whatsoever, I ran an entire marathon as my way of displaying resistance against unjust hardship. 

It was like telling pain itself that it had nothing on me; amidst pure agony through every step taken in this exhilarating feat of strength and endurance: 

‘You think muscular exhaustion can compare to my emotional pain of my son in the ICU?  Not a freaking chance in hell!  

By the way PAIN, I will see you in hell!


When you have a powerful purpose to propel yourself, your mindset is the rocket fuel.
That sense of accomplishment that burns within when you cross the finish line isn’t merely personal – it’s an assertion of worth beyond measure! 

Running a marathon became my saving grace.

Through the difficult moments, I was able to strengthen and nurture myself enough to not only take better care of me but also create an improved life for those around me –
especially my son who is now living his best life! 

This experience has taught me that in times we feel weighed down by challenges or sorrows, it’s possible to tap into strength within us that can empower our spirit like nothing else. 

DO I recommend you run with anger in your heart and no training?  No, I DONT.
As I faced one of the biggest tests of my life, desperately wanting to save my son from pain and darkness, I realized something extraordinary:

All you need is a worthy cause that speaks louder than your own fears.
In this moment it was about putting his suffering ahead of mine — no matter what the cost may have been. 

That’s why with love as your guiding star, and an unshakeable mindset in hand, there are literally NO LIMITS on how great life can be!  

At the time, I would have done anything to switch places with him on the ventilator.
But since I couldn’t, I felt that my pain was nothing, compared to his pain. 

I wanted to channel all this pain into something good and pure that’s why I did it and I believe that everyone can do it for a reason.

Whether it’s to show your beautiful wife and daughters that you have a strong will, or to medicate your soul

provider with his son